Why are flowers so expensive???

We always tell clients that just like everything else in life, flowers cost money, and at the end of the day you need to decide just how much money you want to spend on flowers for your event. We can make suggestions and offer substitutions like using local flowers, using standard colours that will compliment your colour scheme, using more greenery as opposed to flowers and so on. This helps you save some money that you can use on other things if flowers isn’t that much of a biggie to you.

Can we book you for something specific like help with a certain aspect of our event?

Absolutely! If you’re struggling with finding something, you can hire us to lend a helping a hand. A venue, a photographer, a videographer, a marriage officer, a caterer, etc. We charge you for 2 hours of work at our current hourly rate and we get you 3 comparative quotations from suitable suppliers. If you’re still not happy we add additional hours based on how many extra quotations you require.

Do you do out of town weddings?

Indeed we do. We work all around Western Cape. If you need help in another area of South Africa, we’re happy to recommend other planners that we work with all the time and can vouch for them 🙂 Otherwise, if you’re keen to have us on board, we’d need our travel and accommodation expenses to be covered.

Do you have a minimum spend requirement for your Decor & Flower styling service?

No we don’t. We wouldn’t want to turn anyone away and understand that everyone has a specific budget in mind for decor and flowers for their event. We try our best to work within your budget and will quote on everything you require. Sometimes this could be more than what you budgeted for so we’ll make suggestions for alternatives that will fit into your budget.

Do you do more than one event on a day?

We do, but never more than 2. Both of our teams are the most talented people that we get to work with all the time to help make all our events truly amazing! They are individuals who are just as passionate as we are about this industry and above all, they share the same end goal which is that of what we can do for our clients and how we can do it to the best of our ability!

Why don’t you offer full planning and decor & flower styling as a package?

Well, we want to give 110% to each and every one of our clients and with full planning it really is like a full-time job where we plan your big day from A-Z so when we outsource  decor and flowers when you book us for full planning, it means we can truly give our all and focus on making your day as perfect as can be!

Do you charge for quotations?

Not usually. Our quotations are free unless you have a really big budget and vision for your decor and flowers that will involve sourcing pricing/quotations from multiple suppliers that exceed our “norm”.

Why don’t you work over the Christmas/New Year period?

This really was a personal choice for both us and our staff. We have families too and while all year through we’re hard at work bringing your dreams to life, we need a little time to just space out, zone out, be a couch potato and be with our loved ones. Most suppliers are closed over this time as well so it makes sense to do this at this time of the year. There are however, other planners and decor and flower stylists we can put you in touch with who do work over this period.

Why do you need accommodation when you work outside of Cape Town?

When we do coordination we work 12 hours and stay until late in the evening so it really is a matter of safety for us to stay over and rather drive back home the day after the event. When we don our decor and flower styling hat, this only becomes a requirement when we have to drive more than 2 hours outside of Cape Town and/or we are required to setup the day before your event and breakdown the day thereafter. It works out cheaper for our clients. If we (us and our staff) don’t stay over it means driving up and down 4-6 times and we will bill you for this. Make sense?

Do we have to meet you in person?

Not at all. With technology being so advanced we have tons of choices on how to make contact. We do Skype calls, Watsapp messages/calls, Telephone calls, in person meetings (we’re always up for a good coffee :-)) and Emails. The communication type is up to you and it can always be switched up during the process. We only meet some of our clients on the event day, especially our overseas clients.

Do you have a specific style when doing floral arrangements?

We do have our own personal style but we don’t force this on our clients. We work in the style that you want for your event. While we encourage clients and potential clients to look at our previous work, this in no way means we cannot do what you’re looking for. If we cannot do it, then we bring on freelancers that can. In this way, we learn something new and you get what you want 😉 it’s a total win-win situation.

Why can’t we supply our own flowers?

While we pride ourselves on being as accommodating as possible, we simply cannot use flowers that we haven’t sourced/purchased ourselves. Here’s why:

  • we have no idea where they’re from so we cannot guarantee the quality.
  • when we cannot guarantee the quality it means we cannot guarantee that they will last for the duration of your event.
  • when we can’t do this it means we’re not really doing our job and you’re wasting your money.
  • we have a reputation to uphold and a brand to keep in mind so when we source the flowers we can guarantee all of the above and more, ensuring your day is as perfect as can be!

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