Wildeflower Course

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What an amazing experience having been able to learn from probably the most humble and soft-spoken person we have ever met coupled with being one of the most talented! Pippa is such a great teacher with all the patience in the world.

We’ve been keeping an eye out for her courses for 2019 and when they were announced we emailed immediately to secure our spot on her installation course. Our focus for 2019 is mainly to grow our skill in installations and this was arguably the best course we’ve been on to date.

Our “office” for the 2 days of the course was at The Shed at Overgaauw. We were spoiled with culinary treats by the in-house chef with probably the best quiche, milk tart, lemon-drizzle cake and vegetable fritter we’ve ever had! With his Moroccan influence coming through strongly in all the dishes over the 2 days, we wish it didn’t have to end – both the food and being knee-deep in flowers!

We were spoilt with flowers from Adene and Sylvia at Yes! Exclusive flowers with dahlias and imported carnations, tulips and roses all the way from Holland! Oh how we love flowers!

As an entrepeneur you should never stop trying to hone your skills in order to give your clients the best possible service that you can and with this course firmly under our belt we feel confident that we can now provide a service that we previously outsourced to other suppliers.

Check out the pictures below to see what we got up to 🙂