Pink Skies and Purple Dreams Styled Wedding Shoot

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There’s something about the pinkest sunset that grows over the horizon and as the hue changes it becomes almost purple that is simply put, breathtaking. We wanted to do a wedding styled shoot incorporating the Pantone colour for 2018 but with a view to different perspectives so we literally pulled creatives together from all walks of life together to bring this creation to life. We had real flowers, paper flowers, two photographers and a videographer, two sets of stationery, a multitude of sets and with luck firmly on our side, we got the pinkest sunset we could have ever imagined and hoped for!

The inspiration was drawn from the Pantone colour for 2018 – Ultraviolet and Pink sunsets. The idea was to incorporate these colours into all the aspects of the shoot and we were lucky enough to actually have a pink sunset on the day of the shoot. The main goal of the shoot was in a word “perspectives”. We wanted everyone to showcase their perspective, their take, their spin, their talent on the shoot and the sets put before them.

We chose Bakenhof Winelands Venue for exactly this reason as the venue has so many viewpoints and little spots to shoot in that we really were spoilt for choice. This really leant to the creativity we wanted to inspire everyone with on the day. Another huge influence is the market we cater for and that’s couples who aren’t afraid of colour. With Spring just around the corner, who wouldn’t want a beautiful landscape and wedding decor and attire filled with pastel pinks and bright purples. It really isn’t for anyone but we’d like to believe that there’s couples out there dying to have this gorgeous colour palette for their big day!

The flowers we used was a huge variety of pinks and purples. The list includes hydrangeas, alliums, tulips, anthirium lillies, roses, delphiniums, chrysanthemums, carnations, sea holly, veronicas, limonium, lisianthus and sweet williams. We placed a big emphasis on asparagus fern that we spent hours dyeing in shades of purple, lilac and violet and incorporated it into each and every arrangement we made for the day. There’s just such a huge variety of blooms in these colours that it made it very difficult to choose flowers for the day. Our creativity sometimes runs away with us and we had to rope ourselves in just a tad so that we didn’t lose focus of the ambience we wanted to create.

Our cake was very simple, a macaron tower in shades of cream, pink and lilac supplied by the ever-talented Jeanne Law from Pom n Peach. She’s our macaron go-to and quite frankly, NO ONE makes them quite like she does. Of course with these colours one has to be somewhat subtle as you wouldn’t want guests running around on your wedding day with purple tongues. Would not make for great photos.

We simply had to have the pink dress from Rene H Couture upon seeing a picture she had sent us about a month or so before the shoot. We were hunting for dresses and it’s always hard to find dresses of colour as brides normally gravitate towards the more traditional dress colours. Rene isn’t afraid to make bold statement pieces so it really was fate that we landed up meeting each other. Then we also got Zanne Couture on board as owner, Zanne-Marie, has a very whimsical style that we love! She provided us with two dresses for the shoot which were simple but stunning. All three dresses have beautiful floral and lace details which came out amazing on the photographs. One can really appreciate all the hard work that designers put in to create their unique masterpieces.

We are really big on DIY, bespoke floral pieces and we’re constantly wanting to learn more and do more. Taking inspiration from bold floral art pieces from around the world on Pinterest, we created two pieces specifically for this shoot. One being a neckpiece and another a shawl. Then we roped in Johanna from Forever Blooms CT to make us a bespoke headdress which quite frankly blew everyone away! All you have to do is look at the pictures of her work to see just how talented this up and coming paper artist/florist is. She most certainly is taking the wedding industry by storm!

As they say in the corporate world – K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid). That’s exactly what we did because less really is more for most brides and budget always plays a huge role in deciding what table decor and flowers to have for your wedding day. It kills us to have to throw flowers in the trash after a wedding as couples simply don’t want them and couldn’t care less but then there’s couples who, like us, cringe at the thought of quite literally throwing your money in the bin. We only used two arrangements which were both budget friendly because of vessels, quantities and varieties used and also because of seasonality and the effect on pricing. Also, we used a few dinner candles in glass and gold holders and handmade napkins from material bought at a local fabric store.

Whilst most planners shy away from DIY brides, we love them! Having first-hand experience and a passion for making and creating really helps us to attract DIY brides simply looking for some assistance and an on-the-day coordinator. The only luxury you’ll find in this setting is the gold cutlery which is around R5-R8 a piece but these days it is definitely becoming a norm as it instantly adds that element of elegance to any event. Coloured glassware is all the rage these days as well but some couples still struggle with weighing up the decision of paying another cost versus using free glassware from their venue. We always tell Clients that you only get married once and when you look back at photographs of your day, you should have no regrets. That in itself should help to make the decision easier. We used stationery from two designers to again reflect the different perspectives and interpretations based on the brief supplied. It’s always amazing to see the outcome and here was no exceptions here as both suppliers delivered stellar work.

A huge thank you to all the suppliers who helped bring this dream to life!

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