Natalie & Raphael

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It’s an amazing feeling when your clients trust and value your opinion and your worth from the get-go. This was evident from my very first meeting with Natalie, a ballet school owner and teacher, and her fiancé Raphaël and set the tone for our relationship throughout the planning process. Raphaël is the serious one while Natalie is the one who sees the funny side to things and throws caution to wind. They both had very clear ideas of what they wanted for their wedding which made my job a breeze and the planning process a really fun one.

I simply loved hearing the story of how they met and could actually imagine it in my mind. Through a mutual friend, they met on a tennis court (cutely reflected in their cake topper) and the rest as they say, is history.

It’s always interesting to see different cultures come together and this was a multi-faceted wedding of note. While Raphaël is half-French, half-Swiss and catholic, Natalie is from German descent. At the Ceremony there were readings in English, French and German and while I could not understand the French, Raphaël’s mom who delivered the reading was captivating to say the least but maybe that’s because i’m a hopeless romantic.

There was such a feeling of togetherness at Natalie and Raphaël’s wedding that you simply couldn’t help but be touched by the entire experience. A coming together of friends and family from all over the world to celebrate such a wonderful couple’s big day.

Each and every supplier had nothing but good things to say about the couple which rings very true for they simply are just great people. They have a warmth about them that was reflected throughout the whole process and not just on their wedding day and it was so lovely to have had them as clients.

Natalie was considerably stressed by the weather on the day as rain was forecasted and while it did rain at times, it wasn’t bad enough to haul everyone in for the pre-drinks and even produced a rainbow in time for the couple’s shoot which made for stunning photographs by Lindy from Lindy Truter Photography.

Sadly, Natalie sold her ballet school before the wedding as Raphaël was to start work in Switzerland after they returned from their honeymoon in the Maldives (jealous much!). So while they are off enjoying Zurich, (my husband is German and i’m totally biased. I would pack my bags any day and go and live in Germany.) I get to post beautiful pictures of their wedding day and hopefully other people can feel their warmth coming through in each and every photograph as Lindy managed to capture the humble, kind, loving people that they truly are.

Natalie and Raphaël, you were amazing and you will be missed…


Suppliers on the day:

Venue: Landtscap
Accommodation: Kunjani Wines & Sugarbird Manor
Decor and Floral Styling: A Dream Come True Events & My Pretty Vintage
On-The-Day Coordination: Simone From A Dream Come True Events
Decor: Happinest Decor Hire, Baie Goeters & My Pretty Vintage
Linen: The Tablecloth Hiring Company
Cake: The Birdcage
Photography: Lindy Truter Photography
Videography: 25 Weddings
Decor and Lighting: Baie Goeters
Furniture: Makiti Hire
String Quartet: Jam Strings
Dj: Riaan Geldenhuys From Cape DJs